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Barry Windsor-Smith









 Pen and Ink

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 Interior Page


 Published Art


Barry Windsor-Smith (Penciller)

Sal Buscema (Inker)

Barry Windsor-Smith Conan the Barbarian #6 Story Page 3 Original Art (Marvel, 1971). From Marvel’s Silver Age – Original comic art of “Conan”, “Jenna”, “Fafnir” and “Blackrat”.

Barry Windsor-Smith is a British comic book illustrator and painter whose best-known work has been produced in the United States. He received critical acclaim for his work on Marvel Comics’ Conan the Barbarian from 1970 to 1973 and for his work on Wolverine – particularly the original Weapon X story arc, published in Marvel Comics Presents #72-84 (March 1991).

Pulp-fiction hero storyline written by Roy Thomas. Thomas, a long-time fan of Robert E. Howard’s 1930 pulp-fiction character Conan the Barbarian, had Windsor-Smith provide art for a sword and sorcery story, “Starr the Slayer”, in Chamber of Darkness No. 4 (April 1970). Soon after this, Thomas offered Windsor-Smith the job as penciller for Marvel’s adaptation of Conan, starting with Conan the Barbarian No. 1 (October 1970). During his run on Conan the Barbarian, Windsor-Smith was involved in the writing as well. Windsor-Smith’s last issue on the title was No. 24 “The Song of Red Sonja” (March 1973). By then he had worked on 21 of the first 24 issues of the series, missing only issues No. 17, 18 and 22. Both the artist and the title won numerous awards for outstanding achievement.

The Art:

From the story: “Devil-Wings Over Shadizar” Conan battles Fafnir and Blackrat outside the local tavern. First appearance of Fafnir, Blackrat and Jenna. The art is accomplished in ink over graphite on Bristol board, measures approximately 10 1/2 x 15 3/4 inches and is in fine condition.

From a private collection.

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